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Pink Hibiscus Pet Bandana
Pink Hibiscus Pet Bandana
Pink Hibiscus Pet Bandana

Pink Hibiscus Pet Bandana

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Make a statement at the dog park with our comfortable and stylish dog bandanas. With varying sizes and adjustable straps, you can elevate the look of any furry friend, whether it's a dog, cat, or other. Featuring my bright watercolor textile designs, let your pet's personality shine through and showcase their unique style.

Available in 4 sizes and includes collar:

Small: 6.5"x3.5". Collar size adjustable from 7.25" to 11.25"

Medium: 9.5"x5.5". Collar size adjustable from 10.5" to 16.5"

Large: 12"x6.5". Collar size adjustable from 13" to 21"

Extra Large: 15"x7.75". Collar size adjustable from 14" to 22.5"

Wash instructions: Normal machine wash and dry care using cold water.


**Photos feature our large and medium fanny packs, in styles "Tropical Banana Leaf" and "Tossed Dragonfruit".

All original artwork and designs by Aubrey Emi. All images are © Aubrey Emi LLC.