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As a small, women owned business, I am committed to having a socially and environmentally conscious supply chain. Hawaii supports me and it is home. We all have our “kuleana” - our responsibility/duty to support Hawaii in return!

My hopes: 

I hope my art makes you happy - I hope you can feel the aloha!!

I hope you feel confident in my supply chain and ethical standards when choosing to purchase Aubrey Emi products. Care and love has been put in from start to finish. 

I believe our individual purchasing power can be used like a vote: we use it to push for change. Belief driven buying is a valuable way for us to be heard. We can support companies trying to do better/be better for our planet and everyone in it!


My Top Values (in no particular order):


Support our island, our economy, and other locally owned businesses.

-All products are made in Hawaii. Items not made/printed “in studio” are printed* using other amazing local companies. 

-Shop in person at the local farmers markets. (See Home Page for my locations!). I offer some products at "market prices” so you can buy food, drinks, and other products with any money saved to support another local business! I am in great company at the Farmers Markets ran by the Aloha Farm Lovers. (Instagram: @alohafarmlovers and @alohafarmloversjp). Our markets feature only "Made and Grown in Hawaii" businesses. Locals and tourists alike can enjoy the vibes, listen to live music, buy veggies, meet a bunch of local companies, and easily support/shop a few local businesses all at once!

-Photos on my website will be updated to include local products/jewelry as props with their websites included in product descriptions. On instagram, you can learn more about my favorite local products and food, through my "Aloha Friday” posts. There are so many amazing products and businesses and "Aloha Friday" is the perfect way to share some extra love.

*Printing of Full Color Fabric: Due to companies on island unable to print bulk custom full color fabric, fabric for pouches and scarves are printed in the USA. With higher standards than many developing countries for labor/environmental regulations, my fabric is produced using a digital print process that produces very little waste. The eco-friendly solution eliminates energy and water consuming steps. 


Not just "fair" but "worth it" wages:

After hard work and lots and lots of sewing I am finally fast enough to sew at a professional speed (although I would be at the lowest level). I am blessed with a small team of sewers, and continuing to expand. They are extremely experienced and amazing women! To have that level of skill, to be a "sewing wiz,” takes time and practice. It’s extremely important for my sewers to be compensated for their years of experience and practice, not just their time now.


Along with an environmentally conscious supply chain, I am a low waste company with a small ecological foot print because almost everything in my business (and life) falls under reducing/reusing/recycling+upcycling.

One key way I can limit waste is by putting in a little extra time and effort. Here is what I do to lessen waste:

Packaging = supplies and materials that come in single use packaging get re-purposed and used at least one more time. (Caps/lids are handy when I paint).

Paper Bags = painted to be up-cycled gift bags. Donations of paper bags accepted and greatly appreciated at my markets! 

Any Size Bag  = trash bags or market bags. When available, I keep standard bags for anyone who forgot to bring one to the market. Nonstandard bags - ever notice the large plastic packaging toilet paper rolls come in? or non-padded mailers/envelopes/folders etc., can become trash can liners. Even small ones are useful for separating recycling etc.

Cardboard from boxes = cut up and used as filler to keep pouches upright at the market.

Bubble mailers = given as extra padding for art prints purchased at the markets. It's an easy way to get another use out of them and it gives a little extra protection when traveling home.

Mailing Padding/Stuffing = filler for pouches.

Scrap fabric = saved/hand dyed for for other projects/products or used for cleaning. 


More on what the company is doing for Education and Spreading Aloha to come:)