As a newly self-taught watercolorist, I have always loved painting and drawing. I studied acrylic painting in high school and pencil/charcoal drawing in college. In addition to painting waves and all things tropical, I also love drawing portraits.


Growing up: I am an Oly girl originally from Olympia, WA. When I was a baby, I drove my parent's nuts choosing my diaper prints (until they switched to blank white ones). As a toddler, I showed off my underwear designs by wearing an extra pair over my pants (although I remember none of this). Hawaii has always been one of my favorite places and I have always loved color, design, fashion, and all things tropical. If superpowers were real, mine would be spotting anything rainbow from miles away. I light up every time I see a rainbow and feel so lucky to call Hawaii, and its many rainbows, my home. 


I have always loved art/design but it wasn’t until my high school Color & Design teacher said, "You should be a Textile Designer!” The terms 'artist' or 'graphic designer' were familiar but I had never stopped to think about a career in surface design with patterns and prints.


My alma mater: Michigan State University - Go Green! Having all my specific programs, I enjoyed amazing programs and graduated from MSU Honors College with a BFA in Apparel & Textile design, International Development (Not Relations) & Spanish. Having learned the technical side of textile design, one of my main goals is to create even more repeat designs… Will it be for interior? Apparel? Stay tuned to see what new lines I have coming out this year!!!


For more about my process and myself, follow along on Instagram @aubrey.emi.designs or come talk story in person! My Market Schedule is listed under the "Shop In Person" section of the Home Page.