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Mirror Hibiscus Infinity scarf
Mirror Hibiscus Infinity scarf

Mirror Hibiscus Infinity scarf

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This scarf is double sided and one continuous circle. Wear it long (measuring 30''x8'' when hanging) or wrapped around twice for a more bunched look.

Size when Hanging: approx. 30''x8''. Full Circle Size: Approx. 60''x8''

Available in 1 Fabric Type:

Silky Polyester= Slightly warmer and color prints brighter. 



Washing Instructions: To preserve color, quality, and avoid shrinkage recommended care is Hand wash or Machine wash in Cold Water (delicate/light cycle). For Cotton Gauze place scarf in some type of protective wash bag so other items (zippers/hooks etc) do not snag the fabric.


Any props in the photos are not included (although wouldn't that be nice).

 Watermarks will not appear on your print

All original artwork and designs by Aubrey Emi. All images are © Aubrey Emi LLC. 
Artist retains all reproduction rights. Subjects may not be reproduced for any purpose without consent from the artist, before and after purchase.